The essence of natural smiles.

We all know how attractive a bright, white, shiny smile can be. It not only makes us feel good, it also encourages us to smile right back. However, if you hide your smile because of yellowing teeth or poor oral health, then you will create a kind of barrier between you and the world. That’s why you need to recruit the power of nature to lay a healthy foundation for your teeth.

Many herbs seem gentle and innocent. And yet they can often provide powerful protection for your health and body. For example, maybe you’ve had this experience – when you walk into a wood or forest, you breathe in the faint ‘foresty’ fragrance of the trees. In fact, this aroma comes from Phytoncide, an antimicrobial allelochemic compound that trees and plants give off to protect themselves from bacteria.
Amazingly, Phytoncide also offers the same effect of inhibiting salivary bacteria from attacking your teeth, thus keeping them healthy and also keeping your mouth clean and fresh.

Only when the teeth are given natural protective care can you smile confidently at all times.

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The essence of natural smiles