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Best Way to Whiten Teeth - Professional Teeth Whitening

How to Have Whiter Teeth?

If you are not born with sparkling white teeth, there are many ways to remedy this. Many teeth whitening services and products are now available in the market. Select the most suitable according to your needs and budget.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is to go to a dentist for a professional treatment. These are conducted in a clinic using high concentrations of whitening agents so the whitening effect is faster and more significant than over-the-counter products. Usually, you will see a significant whitening of the teeth in just one visit. The treatments performed by a dentist also give customer more assurance. After a professional treatment, perform teeth bleaching touch ups at home to maintain a longer lasting bright smile.
In a clinic, you can choose between dental tray bleaching and laser bleaching. If you use a dental tray to bleach your teeth, a model of your teeth is made first and a tray is custom designed to fit your teeth. This type of treatment requires several visits to achieve the desired bleaching effect. Bleaching gel is placed inside the tray and applied to teeth. Custom trays help reduces contact of bleaching gel with gums.
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Best Way to Whiten Teeth - Professional Whitening